18 May 2024

SeABank awarded The Risk Management Bank of the Year – Vietnam 2024

| The European |

The European, throughout the last decade, has been celebrating achievement, innovation and excellence through our annual awards programme. We recognise organisations and individuals that stand out from the crowd, and are consequently moving their industries forward. Good governance, innovation and know-how, and quality of service are all major considerations.

The European would like to congratulate SeABank on winning the following title for our Global Banking & Finance Awards 2024: 

The Risk Management Bank of the Year – Vietnam

About SeABank

Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SeABank) is headquartered in Hanoi and is recognised as one of the leading commercial groups in Vietnam. As the nation’s favourite retail bank, SeABank offers a diverse range of financial products and services to wide range of customers. The bank is committed to transparency and developing a sustainable business model geared towards social prosperity across the region.   


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