18 June 2024

Fiber to repurpose paper mill for cotton recycling

Daily News
| The European |

Finnish textile technology company Infinited Fiber will invest €400m to repurpose a former paper mill into a new factory to convert used cotton into recycled fabric fibre, the company has said. The site will be rented from forestry group Stora Enso on a long-term lease and is slated for startup in 2025. It is expected to produce 30,000 tonnes of recycled fabric fibre a year, enough to make 100 million t-shirts, Infinited Fibre added.

Large fashion groups such as H&M, Patagonia, Bestseller and Zara owner Inditex have committed to use the plant’s recycled fibre, it added. 

Further information

Infinited Fiber Websitehttps://infinitedfiber.com/

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