18 May 2024

Gain new direction by outsourcing HR

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Kelly Rouse of PocketSmart describes how outsourcing HR and Business Support can allow SMEs to concentrate on their real goals 

The human resources (HR) function helps organisations deliver their corporate strategy and objectives by effectively recruiting and developing people and managing their performance. HR also creates policies and procedures which helps create a fair workplace. 

SMEs may have very little or no experience of HR. However, as their business grows their needs change, and often require further business and people support. The practice of outsourcing involves investing in one or more business services from an external provider. The specific processes included within any HR outsourcing arrangement will vary from organisation, some may outsource virtually all their HR processes while others select specific areas such as learning and development or recruitment. 

There will be significant changes and implementation to HR processes, therefore it’s crucial to make sure sufficient leadership and expertise remains internally to manage the change as well as providing ongoing strategic direction. 

Finally, it’s possible that changes will be needed to the roles and skill sets required of the remaining HR staff as well as other employees and managers. This could involve restructure as well as providing additional training. Open and ongoing communication to staff about the entire process is vital for success. Outsourcing HR and business support has the following benefits:  

  • Reduced costs.
  • Increased efficiency. 
  • Access to up-to-date policies and templates. 
  • Improved people management information. 
  • Access to HR expertise that is not available internally. 
  • Increased flexibility and speed of response to HR problems. 
  • Ability to support or fit well with an overall strategy.  
  • Reduced risk, as it is possible to scale up and down more efficiently. 

Business-driven and people-focused 
PocketSmart is a value-adding HR service both on a strategic and operational level to many clients. Supporting SMEs with human resources, project management, recruitment, and compliance. 

This all contributes to the smooth running of your business and helps employees feel empowered to do their best work, allowing you the time to concentrate on your business goals and growth. The services and advice we offer are affordable and tailored to your needs, and work in the following ways: 

  • The Pay-As-You-Go option for those businesses who don’t want retained services, but who just need advice or support on something occasionally and immediately! 
  • The monthly retainer will provide you with a number of hours of HR or Business Support. 
  • Our essential package is great for ensuring you have the basics to hand, helping you set the foundations to support your employees and business. 
  • We offer our clients a flexible and competitive recruitment fee structure.

About the author

Kelly Rouse is Managing Director of PocketSmart

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