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AKO Foundation to support Aalto EE in the Nordic cultural sector

Executive Education
| The European | 28 June 2021

The Business of Culture programme equips leaders and executives with insights and tools that help them with strategic development, change leadership, and organisational renewals

London-based AKO Foundation is to collaborate with Aalto University Executive Education’s (Aalto EE) Business of Culture programme – the largest executive programme for leaders in the arts and culture in the Nordic and Baltic region. According to Philip Lawford, CEO of the AKO Foundation: “A vibrant and evolving arts and cultural life needs the best possible leaders and a multidisciplinary approach to meeting its challenges. We are pleased to assist Aalto EE in working to ensure the well-being of society as a whole through these organisations.”

The faculty in the programme consists of international top-level experts in science, culture, and business.

“The programme is a platform for personal growth as a leader while strengthening understanding of non-profit business logic and building networks within the arts sector and towards business,” states Dr Pekka Mattila, Managing Director of Aalto EE.

In addition to the AKO Foundation, the main partners in the Business of Culture programme are Saastamoinen Foundation and Föreningen Konstsamfundet, as well as Karelian Cultural Foundation. The programme has been designed in collaboration with BI Norwegian Business School. 

The AKO Foundation supports various actors in the fields of education and arts, and organisations fighting the climate crisis. 

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