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Imperial College Business School embraces tech future of banking

Executive Education
| The European | 28 June 2021

The new programme will offer expert tutoring in subjects such as AI and machine-learning and their implementation in the financial sector

According to a recent survey undertaken by the Bank of England, the financial services sector is on the path to significant digital revolution, with the use of machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies set to more than double in the next three years. 

Like most industries, new technologies are rapidly redefining what’s possible for the financial services sector and altering the ways in which companies, and the people within them, work. Because of this, demand is rising for differing skillsets and better digital understanding amongst all staff, and particularly at the upper levels of industry.

Those charged with setting the terms for how their organisations must change, evolve and grow need to develop a deeper appreciation for how such technologies work, what their capabilities are, and not to implement them not just effectively but ethically as well.

To help the industry meet such challenges, the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Financial Services Executive Education programme is offered by Imperial College Business School. Set to run virtually, in November 2021, the programme is a three-day course that will explore the role of emerging algorithmic techniques on financial decision-making. 

Led by a mix of expert faculty and experienced industry practitioners, the programme is designed to enable participants to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of AI and machine- learning, and how these technologies can aid various financial functions (for example fraud detection, lending processes, asset management, risk assessment, regulatory compliance). 

Aside of equipping professionals with the skills to utilise AI and machine-learning technologies to best effect within their organisations, the programme offers the opportunity to challenge participants thinking and share expertise. The programme will welcome participants from across the financial services sector; from executives seeking to enhance the decisions they make impact financial results, to members of the exchanges and regulatory agencies. Upon completion, participants will be able to better apply key elements of artificial intelligence and machine-learning to their organisations. 

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