17 June 2024

The ultimate in global executive education

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Spanning the world’s three leading financial centres, the EMBA-Global Asia programme gives you the chance to take your career to the next level

The EMBA-Global Asia programme provides globally-oriented executives and managers with the insight, expertise, and networks to become successful leaders anywhere in the world. Whether your aim is to assume greater responsibility at work, make a transition within your organisation, or bring new knowledge and perspective to your life, the EMBA-Global Asia programme consistently delivers tangible and immediate results that allow its students to achieve their personal and career goals. 

This top-ranked programme is the result of a dynamic partnership between HKU Business School, London Business School and Columbia Business School. It is the only Executive MBA programme to combine the expertise of three exceptional schools with the opportunity to study in the world’s leading economic centres: London, New York and Hong Kong.   

Surpassing expectations

Anthon Ivarsson, of the EMBA-Global Asia Class of 2018, chose to do the course after carefully considering several other schools and programmes: “The programme’s global nature, the quality of the three institutions and the high calibre of my classmates were, in the end, the deciding factors for choosing the EMBA-Global Asia.”

Bastian Bahnemann, of the EMBA-Global Asia Class of 2016, described how the programme completely surpassed expectations: “I never experienced before such a highly dedicated and inspired type of programme management. Discussing the latest research results and business theories with Nobel Prize-winning professors and top business leaders from international companies created a lasting impact and was a fabulous experience.”

The EMBA-Global Asia programme also gives students the unique opportunity to learn with and from an extraordinarily talented and diverse global student body, and an unparalleled network of over 119,000 alumni from the three schools. The programme believes that continuous learning is essential for global leaders to continue to be on top of their game, and as alumni, students have opportunities for lifelong participation.

Anthon Ivarsson continued: “The bonds and network you build with your classmates over 18 months – traveling worldwide and going through this intense and challenging experience – are unmatched. The EMBA-Global Asia is a perfect representation of what it means to be part of a globally renowned programme: being in tier-one cities with incredible classmates and teachers and learning both in and outside the classroom – all while having a great time.”

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