18 June 2024

The European releases its Spring 2021 edition

| The European |

The first edition the year provides an engaging insight into a number of sectors and locations, cybersecurity and fintech

The European has released its Spring 2021 edition, leading with an insight into State Street and their incredible new investment servicing platform. In the article, country head of State Street Luxembourg Eduardo Gramuglia explains that State Street Alpha supports asset and wealth managers across the investment lifecycle. The piece also explains a little about State Street’s new multi-year service agreement with Vontobel Asset Management, helping to improve the servicing and on boarding of its clients.

The magazine features insight into the disruptive nature of China’s ecommerce experience and how it looks poised to influence digital marketing in the West, how the Covid-19 pandemic should be seen as a driver toward positive environmental change and how the coming together of academia, business and government is pushing space sector innovation and discovery to new heights.

There is a particular focus on cyber security with journalists and CEOs gifting readers with their expertise and advice. Information Security Forum’s Steve Durbin explores how cyber security can keep pace with the growing threat posed by cyber criminals, as Joe Tidy, the BBC’s own Cyber Security Correspondent explores some of the biggest challenges organisations are facing when it comes to cyber risk and how to stay safe.

The magazine also explores locations such as North America, Latin America and Africa.

It is available as an online PDF via subscription to The European, or as a physical magazine from the website.

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