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Cinode looks to become the global leader in skills management

| The European | 26 March 2021

With the launch of Cinode Market, it will be even easier for consultants and consultancies to find assignments

With growth of over 40% (ARR) over the past nine months, Cinode is expanding quickly as the leading platform for skills management. Many businesses currently lack both the structure and knowledge to deal with their most important asset – the combined skills within the company.

“Quickly identifying the right skills increases opportunities to do more and stronger business. Cinode makes it simple to match talent with the right challenge, both within and between companies. Everyone has the same opportunities to display their knowledge and ambitions,” says Mattias Loxi, cofounder and marketing director of Cinode.

Know, show, grow your skills

Cinode has thousands of users in over 20 countries on four continents. In Sweden, the company boasts over half of listed consultancy companies among its customers and is also expanding in other segments such as retail and telecommunications.

The need of customers to quickly access the right available skills drives partnerships and alliances between companies and freelancers. The platform makes it easy to create alliances and collaborations, share information and submit inquiries. Now, with the launch of Cinode Market, assignments will be presented in public.

“Companies for whom skills are the key to success need to identify, visualise and then grow their skills. In addition to internal skills provision, there is also a need to structure the search for external expertise. With Cinode Network and Market, we make it incredibly easy to bring the right skills directly into the business and projects,” says Mattias.

The company is growing quickly among both freelancers and large knowledge-intensive organisations. The target is one million users on the platform by 2025, something that will be achieved through global expansion while remaining at the cutting edge of Skills Management.

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