Trade360 adopt HospiceUK

| The European | 9th September 2020

Trade360 today announced it is adopting HospiceUK in its latest foray into community outreach and setting up a page on the JustGiving platform, to this end.

Company spokesman Chris Judd wrote in a prepared statement, “the online trading industry is moving quite rapidly towards mainstream public acceptance, with more and more companies now offering real shares, through a Prime Broker and on trust with a custodian, and not just CFDs of the underlying shares. As efficient business models, online brokerages typically offer discounted costs and encourage clients to do their own due diligence before making trades on CFDs of global stocks, sharemarket indices, commodities and crypto currency CFDs.” Judd says. “To that end, we’re creating an exciting new level of client protection called Shield360. By clicking ‘add’ to the Shield360 on the deal ticket, your trade can lose only the cost of the Shield360 protection should the trade move against.

It is this sense of shared responsibility that sees Trade360’s adoption of HospiceUK. This is just one more way to manifest this sense of mutual responsibility.”

Without doubt, recent events have shown just how important mutual responsibility has become in a tightly integrated world – whether that be on the economic, health and interpersonal level.

Trade360’s first innovation was its CrowdTrading technology, which provides an overview of the trading activities of account holders on the trade360 platform.

HospiceUK – Taking on the Lamp

Help-the-Hospices was created in the 1990s as an umbrella organisation for the hundreds of British organizations dedicated to caring for the elderly, the vulnerable and the terminally ill. In that, they continue an honourable tradition that began in 1065, with the establishment of the first hospices by the Knights of Malta for pilgrims left sick by the wayside.

Renamed HospiceUK in 2014, the organisation provides hospice and palliative care through an ever-expanding network of hospice nurses and front-line clinical staff, especially critical now, with the extra risks brought to these workers by the COVID-19 crisis.

“The work of HospiceUK came to our attention several months ago as the Covid-19 pandemic began to make headlines,” says Trade360’s Chris Judd, “and it is a matter of honour for us to be able to assist in this valuable effort in whatever tiny way we can.”

To visit the company page on the JustGiving website and make a donation, click here.

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