20 April 2024

Box Media continues rapid growth despite Covid-19 uncertainty

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Box Media has grown its workforce by a third since the start of lockdown.

Despite the challenges facing businesses since the pandemic, Box has made ten new hires since March.

This expansion, on the back of a 35% growth in revenue over the same period, demonstrates confidence in the demand for digital content.

Recent hires include three new members of Box Labs, the company’s research division, and three hires within the creative and science departments, including Senior Art Director Ben Barbier, Creative Scriptwriter Simon Nagel, and Senior Project Manager Barbara Feliciani.

During lockdown, Box Play, the division of Box Media that focuses on reimagining learning for the incoming workforce, has produced micro learning content on leadership; communication intelligence; collaboration; mental health; data analytics; bias and cyber security – topics intrinsic to the future of work.

As well as working with Accenture Labs, Box Media has recently developed an AI-driven mobile learning app with learning behemoth, Pearson.

Academy Award winning Actress, activist and Director, Patricia Arquette, Director of Strategy and Global Partnerships at Unreasonable Group Shankari Mylvaganam, and Milena Marinova, Pearson’s Senior Vice President of AI Products and Solutions, are among Box Media’s high-profile advisors.


Box Media founder and CEO Clare Stewart Munn said: “I am both humbled and proud that at a time when unemployment is rising , Box has been hiring.

“Business-based e-learning was an area that was already growing strongly and lockdown has only accelerated that trend.

“Our expanding talented workforce is enabling us to deliver the highest level of learning content  for our clients.”

Newly hired Data Analyst Zoe Papagianni said: “I was delighted to join the Box Media team during what has been a very challenging time for many job seekers.”

“It’s fantastic to be part of a creative media organisation that is pioneering the future of work.”


For more information visit: boxmedia.io

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