21 May 2024

RBNZ and SIA launched a new real-time financial market infrastructures

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The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), New Zealand’s central bank, and SIA – European hi-tech company leader in the fields of payment services and infrastructures – have launched the new real-time financial market infrastructures, replacing the two separate platforms Exchange Settlement Account System (ESAS) and Central Securities Depository system (NZClear).  

The RBNZ market infrastructures are used by 57 ing member organisations includ banks, registries, custodians,and brokers that total to approximately 600 users from Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  

Those financial institutions are now connected to a far more modern and leading-edge system to manage their day-to-day interactions with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.  

The new market infrastructures are based on the Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and Central Securities Depository (CSD) applications provided by SIA and already used by also several other central institutions across Europe, Africa, Middle East and North America.  

“The extent of change is significant. Every day, transactions with a value of more than $30 billion are settled, so there has been a focus on getting this right, and not rushing out a replacement until we were confident that it was ready. This successful changeover is the result of months of rigorous testing and we appreciate the cooperation of the system’s key users” says Mike Wolyncewicz, Assistant Governor and Chief Financial Officer of Reserve Bank of New Zealand.  

“The successful go-live of this significant project with Reserve Bank of New Zealand represents another important step forward in our international presence. In particular, it is the first cornerstone in the delivery and implementation of SIA’s market infrastructure technologies in the Asia-Pacific region,” commented Nicola Cordone, CEO of SIA. 


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