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Prada pleased to support leading luxury training course

Executive Education
| The European | 29 November 2019

The International Master in Luxury Management (IMLux), a double degree course dedicated to training professionals in the luxury sector, has been developed in partnership between MIP Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and NEOMA Business School (France).

This year, the Prada Group, an international leader in the luxury industry, has become a partner of the IMLux. This innovative and unique course will now have the benefit of new top-range support from this luxury sector, which will make its expertise available to help train the fashion managers of the future.

“We are well aware of the great value we need to place upon education in today’s world, and we are delighted to announce that the Prada Group is joining the International Master in Luxury Management with great enthusiasm,” says Stefano Rastrelli, HR Director of the Prada Group.

In their role as official partner, the Prada Group will contribute to the course content via workshops, site visits and the organisation of several conferences with speakers from the world-renowned brand.

“Thanks to this strong tie to companies, students have the chance to work on real projects and to face challenges that require real solutions. This, along with IMLux integrated approach that provides an extensive overview of the entire value creation chain, makes this programme unique”, says Andrea Sianesi, Dean of MIP Politecnico di Milano.

The IMLux is a result of French-Italian collaboration, bringing together the historic expertise of the two countries which today are leaders in the realm of high-end products. The programme enables students to obtain a double degree: Master from MIP Politecnico di Milano and a Master of Science from NEOMA Business School. Indeed, both of these business schools are considered to be among the best academic institutions in France and Italy.

“With this exceptional course, operated in collaboration with the MIP Politecnico di Milano, we have a clear ambition: to offer up-to-the-minute sectoral training, in particular via complete immersion in the luxury environment. To this end, we work very closely with companies, which is one of the principal special features of this Master,” states Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA Business School.

This full-time course lasts twelve months and is taught in English. It is aimed at students who wish to acquire the skills necessary to occupy key posts in companies in the luxury sector. The training is structured around a first semester in Reims, the city of champagne, then a second semester in Milan, considered one of the world capitals of fashion. This dual location offers the opportunity for students to meet leaders in the sectors of fashion, spirits, cosmetics, furnishings, food, hotels and the car industry, for example.

The IMLux is committed to providing a full and detailed insight into the whole of the value creation chain, from the initial idea to the manufacturing process, from the supply chain to the retailer and from online to offline communications. This integrated approach is what makes it particularly attractive to students as well as to the key players in the luxury sector.

The IMLux is highly selective and has a limited number of places; students wishing to enrol must hold a Bac+4.

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