13 April 2024

Apprenticeships experience a renaissance

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Stockpiling is a bit of a buzzword in the logistics and storage industries at the moment. As news reports roll in about Britain’s warehouses reaching capacity as a Brexit date looms, businesses and retailers are feeling increased pressure on their already stretched warehouse facilities – not to mention their workers.

In fact, one of the biggest problems the UK may soon face is not only a shortage of physical space, but trained people to manage the potential stockpiling and logistics. It is crucial then, that the warehousing industry realises the benefits of apprenticeships, and the specialised skill set this demographic of trained workers can offer the sector.

“The understanding and knowledge learned through an apprenticeship, that in-house training doesn’t offer, is significant” explains Gayle Mansfield, Operations Manager at Qube Learning.

“With the apprenticeship programme, we look at all the processes involved and give our apprentices training that includes understanding their tasks and actions. This ensures a deeper comprehension of the business overall, including compliance, finances, and health and safety, for example.”

Not only are apprenticeships of great benefit to the logistics and warehousing sector in terms of employee rates and retention, but from a workers’ perspective they also offer great scope for development. Apprenticeship programmes are not just for those at the beginning of their career, but they can also be an invaluable asset for those wishing to progress within their current role.

Lifelong learning guarantees that essential management positions are taken on by professionals who have a full and rounded understanding of the industry, from the ground up – and in a sector under pressure in politically uncertain times, taking on apprentices to ease the strain seems not only a logical, but essential business practice.

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