24 April 2024

Own your trademark strategy

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Hiddleston Trademarks is a specialist firm of trademark attorneys, assisting clients with filing UK trademark and EUTM Applications, International Trade Mark Applications and national applications the world over. The firm conducts clearance searches for clients in the UK/EU and around the world also handling oppositions and disputes before the UKIPO/EUIPO and worldwide. The team also handle domain name UDRP Proceedings and disputes and trademark litigation before IPEC.

What sets Hiddleston Trademarks apart is their adaptability to the needs of their client base. Passionate about the trademark work they carry out for those that have approached them, they do not hesitate to pull out all the stops when protecting the interests of clients. Their skill level allows them to be responsive and flexible in their approach.

A tailored approach

Founder of the company, Mark Hiddleston, has over 25 years of experience in trademark work. However, he could see that the trademark world was changing, particularly in the UK where clients were becoming more demanding. Despite the substantial amount of experience on board, Hiddleston Trademarks remains fresh in its approach and is prepared to tailor its service to its clients’ needs.

What trademark strategies do companies, large or small, need to develop?

In an ideal world, companies should work out a strategy as soon as possible when setting up their business or adopting a new brand. Hiddleston Trademarks recommends you consider:

  • Conducting clearance searches before launching your mark. 
  • How important is that brand going to be to you?
  • How much you are prepared to spend on protecting that brand.
  • Identify the countries and markets where you need to be protected.
  • Set up a watch service to notify you of potentially conflicting marks.

What are the key developments in the trademark world?

The trademark world is changing rapidly and is likely to continue to do so over the next few years. In the UK, Brexit will lead to an increased emphasis upon UK filing and practice. If there is a downturn in the global economy, there may be an increased emphasis upon keeping costs down for companies. Already, there has been an increase in litigation and dispute work and, again, this is likely to increase. Hiddleston Trademarks handle trademark litigation before the UK Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC), which is a costs-effective, streamlined litigation procedure. 

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