13 June 2024

Hiscox confirms new appointments within Re & ILS

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Andrew Dolphin has been appointed Director of Underwriting – London, replacing Megan McConnell who is relocating to Manhattan to take on the role of Chief Underwriting Officer for Hiscox USA. Andrew’s appointment is subject to board and regulatory approval.

Since joining Hiscox in 2000, Andrew has been a key part of the evolution of Hiscox Re & ILS from a syndicate focussed London-based business, to the multi-capital diverse product organisation it is today. In September 2018, Andrew was appointed Chief Operating Officer for Hiscox Re & ILS and became a member of the Executive team. Andrew will commence his new role in October and will continue to be based in London.

Following Andrew’s appointment, Chris Lee has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer for Hiscox Re & ILS and will join the Hiscox Re & ILS Executive. Chris joined Hiscox in March 2019 as Head of Insight, where he was responsible for spearheading our data and insights strategy. Prior to this, Chris was COO at Lief and Dev BootCamp, technology platform organisations enabling alternative education and finance solutions. Chris will also commence his new role in October and will continue to be based in Bermuda.

Mike Krefta commented: “As Hiscox Re & ILS continues to evolve in response to the opportunities ahead, it’s fantastic that we can draw on the experience of Andrew and Chris. It’s always rewarding when we can find ideal candidates within our own talent pool and I look forward to seeing what they will bring to their roles and how they will continue to drive the business forward.”

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