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| The European | 8 August 2019

Bermuda has achieved an exceptional reputation, recognised globally as one of the premier international jurisdictions, a centre of excellence, and the risk capital of the world. Bermuda continues to improve on its global leadership with dependable infrastructure, an unparalleled regulatory regime and innovation supported by the very best human capital.

Business acumen

The Government of Bermuda’s Business Development Unit (BDU) focuses on activities related to international business. As such, the BDU’s functions include:

  • Legislative change.
  • Intelligence gathering and reporting.
  • Government liaison with the Bermuda Business Development Agency.
  • The Bermuda Concierge Service.
  • Other projects related to economic development.

The BDU’s foundations are:

  • Integrity – Interact with customers with the highest level of integrity, promoting an atmosphere of honesty and trust.
  • Pace – Deliver on commitments with enthusiasm, energy and without delay.
  • Openness – Undertake work in an open and transparent manner.
  • Professionalism – At all times conduct business to the highest standards.
  • Accountability – Be responsible for delivering a high-quality service.
  • Fairness – Treat everyone with fairness.

The Bermuda Concierge Service

The Government of Bermuda, via the BDU, offers a concierge service to businesses establishing a presence in Bermuda. The service helps clients navigate government, establish key business contacts, and facilitate the process of making applications for governmental and regulatory approvals.

The goal of the Bermuda Concierge Service is to facilitate the smooth transition of new companies and investment into Bermuda, by acting as an expert intermediary that assists with providing key information and simplifying the necessary approval process. The Bermuda Concierge Service is committed to working with businesses at the initial point of contact to create an outline that identifies the regulatory and administrative requirements that are relevant to their business plans and helps to establish time-frames for fast-tracked approvals.

The Bermuda Concierge Service assists businesses in the following way:

  • Facilitates meetings with the BDU to discuss inward investment and related initiatives.
  • Provides practical advice and guidance during the relocation process for companies, employees and families.
  • Tailors services to the businesses’ needs to alleviate the need to interact directly with multiple government organisations by serving as a liaison.
  • Pre-screens all work permits, tax, and social insurance applications to ensure completeness and obtain priority status.
  • Liaises with regulatory bodies on new incorporations.
  • Facilitates applications for senior executives eligible for permanent residency status under the Incentives for Job Makers Act 2011.
  • Connects new businesses with key professionals and associations within the business community to build a strategic network.

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