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Mexico, ideal breeding ground for creative solutions to 21st century problems

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THNK School of Creative Leadership will host an exclusive invitation-only THNK STUDIO session in Mexico City tomorrow for a select group of influential entrepreneurs, social change leaders, and business executives.

A mission-driven organization, THNK addresses the world’s most pressing societal challenges by accelerating the development of creative leaders and helping them scale-up their impact with new skills, tools, and mindsets.

The workshop, ‘Reframing: The Art of Thinking Differently,’ presents new and exciting perspectives to support leaders in identifying innovation opportunities and solutions.

Mexico is a country of extraordinary potential yet challenged by the twin threats of ecological destruction and social inequity,” said Femke Bartels, THNK CEO and former Executive Director of Greenpeace Mexico, who will be part of the team delivering the Mexico City workshop. “THNK believes that to fully realise that potential, leaders from corporations, the social and public sectors must be consciously brought together to allow a range of new perspectives and ideas to emerge. THNK is both ideally placed and committed to supporting that process,” she added.

THNK was founded in 2012, in Amsterdam, because in today’s complex, fast-changing and interconnected world traditional business schools and MBA’s do not cut it anymore.  Dubbed by Stanford as the future of higher education, THNK combines the best of design and business schools, while also drawing from leadership development and systems thinking. The programs are fully experiential.  THNK runs programs for international companies and organizations globally and hosts a multi-module international Executive Leadership Program in Amsterdam.

We took the i out of THNK to give us the humility and freedom to innovate without ego. Our challenges today are beyond what any single leader or single sector can tackle,” said Rajiv Ball, Partner at THNK and member of the team delivering the workshop. “Mexico is a hotbed of creativity and collaboration. As such, it is a prime location for THNK to continue developing its relationships and work in creative leadership here,” he elaborated.

Supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, McKinsey & Company, Philips Design and the City of Amsterdam at its inception, THNK has worked with over 15,000 participants and 60 multinational companies, and has partnerships with Media X at Stanford University, the Museum of Tomorrow in Brazil, Dubai Future Academy, and the University of California, Berkeley, amongst others.

The THNK STUDIO Mexico City will be held from 10 AM to 1 PM at El Oro 23, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México Saturday July 13, 2019. Bartels, Ball and THNK Program Director, Marjolein van Eersel will be leading the session.

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