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| The European | 16 January 2019

Fine wine investment company OenoFuture is proud to have been selected as the Fine Wine Investment Firm of the Year for 2019 at The European Global Business & Finance Awards.

Recipients of the awards are rigorously examined and chosen for their leadership and business excellence in their field as well as their innovation, work environment and company values. The awards cover a wide variety of industries and fields from global banking and finance to the energy sector and regional development with a small number of recipients receiving awards for their performance, progress and competitiveness over the past year.

The London-based OenoFuture team is delighted that their hard work and commitment to providing the finest fine wine investment service for their clients has been recognised with this prestigious award from a distinguished business publication which is read by key decision makers all over the globe.

OenoFuture is also incredibly proud to be featured on this year’s list alongside global business and banking heavyweights like Deloitte. As a young and fast-growing investment company, OenoFuture is excited by this opportunity for early recognition on the global stage.

The OenoFuture team looks forward to a bright future building relationships with the wider global business network and continuing to provide an award-winning fine wine investment service to their clients.

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