20 April 2024

ORBEX: Serving traders responsibly

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*Above | The team at an Orbex seminar in Egypt

Since its introduction to the public, forex trading has become a beacon of opportunity for millions around the world, opening doors for all to invest in the global market and strive for entrepreneurship and wealth. While the forex market may be easy to get involved in, it is far from simple. In fact, it’s as complex and risky as it is potentially lucrative. 

At Orbex, we take the market and the opportunities it has to offer very seriously, and make it our mission to teach our clients to do the same. As with most things in life, education is the key to success. We believe it is a broker’s utmost responsibility to provide its traders with top quality educational material and market insights to ensure they have all the tools they need to make wise, informed decisions on how they want to invest their money. From beginners to the pros, our aim is to guide our traders through every step of their journey, giving them all, no matter their level of experience, the resources they require to dive into this exciting industry. Only then, do we deem ourselves worthy of calling them our clients. 

The team

Orbex boasts a team of highly talented professionals of varying specialities. They dedicate their time to keeping up with market trends, creating quality content and supporting our clients in line with the highest ethical standards, which form the epicentre of our business model. From the writers and designers to the researchers and technical analysts, one thing unites us – the passion and drive to come up with new and innovative ways to convey information. 

The philosophy

Forex cannot be condensed into one curriculum that can simply be studied and completed. The industry is constantly evolving; it’s an ever-changing world of varying factors, from the technical and fundamental, all the way down to the psychological. A broker’s duty therefore goes beyond just providing clients with a trading platform and convenient account benefits. A broker must create a rich and engaging trading environment that provides the investor with a fully comprehensive overview of the market. It should tackle everything from solid introductory material to time-sensitive industry updates, geopolitical news and in-depth analyses from top-level market analysts. 

Just as complex as the industry itself, is the psyche of the trader – more specifically, the way in which a trader responds to information. 
At Orbex, we recognise that everybody consumes content in different ways, so we believe that diversification of content is essential – and this is what sets us apart from other brokers. 

The Orbex office in Kuwait

For our readers, we make sure that there is never a shortage of articles, eBooks and courses from which to choose. For our interactive traders, there is a constant stream of live webinars, instructional videos, and quizzes being released every month. For our visual learners, we produce bite-sized video and infographics that tackle the latest trends and topics.  

Most recently, we pushed the boundaries even further and launched an exciting new blog feature entitled Orbex 360° – a 360-degree panoramic chart annotated by expert market analysts. 

Orbex 360° is an immersive, innovative and efficient way of approaching the market movements, allowing you to observe both the data on the charts, as well as follow the analysis of what the data signifies, all in the same place, without needing to switch from window to window. 
To put it simply, we aim to make information as easily digestible and accessible as possible and to ensure that no matter your learning or trading style, you can find your home at Orbex.   

Becoming an Orbex client

Once we have earned your trust as an invaluable source of market insight, our role will have just begun. At Orbex, we see you, our client, as the core of our growth. Your success motivates us to keep working harder to make your trading experience one that is not only easy but also profitable. When trading with Orbex, you can expect second-to-none account management and in-depth one-on-one training. Your dedicated account manager will even create a tailor-made training programme to suit your experience level.  
You will have the choice between various account types, so you can opt for what works for you, with both fixed or variable spread accounts at highly competitive rates. We provide the safest trading environment on the market, as Orbex adheres to the strictest international regulatory bodies to give you a secure trading experience wherever you are in the world. You will be able to trade currencies, commodities, and indices on your online platform, or on desktop or mobile from one single account, making it quick and easy for you to manage your portfolio. Most importantly, we offer negative balance protection on all accounts and lightning-fast execution to give you an advantage over your peers. And of course, the number one advantage of trading with Orbex is our market expertise, and the thorough, in-depth market insights we provide to help you make important and informed trading decisions. To win “Best Trading Education Provider” from The European is an honour, but above all, it is confirmation of and validation for all that we stand for: serving our traders responsibly.  

About the author
Reem Bacha is a content manager at Orbex.
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