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Hotel Glärnischhof – Elegance and Quality

Business Travel
| The European | 12 April 2018

Hotel Glärnischhof is a luxury hotel in the centre of Zurich that base sits offering on the twin principles of quality and sustainability. Not content to rest on its reputation for first-class service, the hotel continues to introduce new features that reaffirm its commitment to providing exceptional quality in harmony with the environment. It has taken advantage of its location just a stone’s throw from Lake Zurich, to install a heat pump that uses the lake’s water to provide up to 98% of the hotel’s heating. Meanwhile, its elegant restaurants focus on serving fresh, regionally-sourced fine dining.

This passion has kept Hotel Glärnischhof at the forefront of both luxury and sustainability, an achievement that has not gone unrecognised. Over the last year alone, not only has it become a member of Private Selection Hotels, a quality label for privately-run luxury hotels in Europe, it was also honoured at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2017. As Best Luxury Business Hotel of Switzerland, Hotel Glärnischhof has confirmed its place at the peak of comfort and class. However, it was receiving Best Luxury Eco/Green Hotel of Europe that truly underlined the success of the hotel’s ethos.

Of course, Hotel Glärnischhof devotes as much time to refining its guests’ experiences as it does to developing sustainable initiatives. It recognises the importance of detail in elevating a comfortable stay into something truly special. That’s why every guest can look forward to fresh fruit on arrival, free use of the Luxor Fitness Centre, free use of the minibar, and a host of other details that combine to create perfect comfort. The hotel also provides additional offers for corporate clients. Businesses can take advantage of individual corporate contracts featuring lower prices, a straightforward booking process and other exclusive extras. This is the personal touch that defines Private Selection Hotels: businesses can enjoy room upgrades, late check-out and early check-in, and guaranteed last room availability – and this is on top of the luxuries that are ordered to every guest as standard.

Hotel Glärnischhof ’s achievements in 2017 puts it in a strong position to continue doing what it does best: providing uncompromising luxury that is as good to its guests as it is to the environment.

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