12 April 2024

Graduation of TBS & IIM Bangalore first batch of Aerospace MBA

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The first batch of TBS and IIM Bangalore Aerospace MBA graduated Friday 29th September at Toulouse Business School in Toulouse, France. More than 40 Indian students joint their fellow partners of the Part Time and Full Time Aerospace MBA taught in Toulouse for the graduation ceremony.

The event, which took place at the main campus of TBS, brought together more than 75 international students coming from India, United Emirates, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Peru, France, Morocco, Italy, Mexico, China, Portugal, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, Turkey, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Albania.

Representatives from the Aerospace industry, Toulouse Business School and IIM Bangalore assisted to the ceremony and congratulated the delegates.

“We are very proud of our Aerospace MBA, and specially the program in India. This first batch has been a complete success for both TBS and IIM Bangalore. When we opened the registration a couple of years ago, we were expecting to have about 20 students and today we are proud to graduate more than 40 Indian delegates.” reminded François Bonvalet, Dean of Toulouse Business School. “We should also acknowledge the important role played by Airbus for our program in India, as the leading company is associated with the pedagogical aspect of the project”.

A unique MBA, created in Toulouse and delivered in Bangalore

Toulouse Business School’s Aerospace MBA in India is a unique program that offers its graduates a GMAE certificate (General Management Program for Aerospace and Aviation Executives) from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) at the end of the first year and an MBA at the end of the second. The course allies IIMB’s academic expertise in management (ranked 19th by the Financial Times) and TBS’ aerospace competences which have been built upon since 1999. This unique combination of managerial and technical expertise also represents a step forward in the understanding of European and Indian markets. Airbus, an actor in constant development in India, is associated with the pedagogical aspect.

The average Indian delegate has 15 years of experience and comes from a well-known national or international company or institution, such as the Indian Air Force, Air India, Indigo Airlines, Prime Aerospace Middle East, Airbus Group, Tata, Honeywell Technology Solutions, SpiceJet and UTC Aerospace Systems, among others.
Compared to other emerging economies, India has the largest aviation market. Just considering the civil aviation segment, India is the world’s fastest growing market. In the last three years India experienced a growth of more than 20% in the passenger traffic. The country is expected to add more than a thousand aircraft to its civilian fleet by 2030. On an average one Airbus aircraft will be delivered into India every week for the next 10 years.

TBS is the only business school offering a complete international aerospace and aviation management program. Benefiting from a dynamic environment and its international reputation, the school’s Aerospace MBA was accredited by AMBA in 2002. Since 1999, this high added-value course has graduated 600 global aviation leaders from more than 76 different countries.

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