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ARLC – Southeast Asia’s boutique law firm

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Since its establishment in 2014, Abdul Rahman Law Corporation (ARLC) has achieved several milestones. To begin with, the firm continues to serve clients concisely and effectively, maintaining a tailored and personal approach, combined with a constant drive for international expansion.

Beginning with Malaysia and Indonesia, has ARLC established offices providing a comprehensive service to clients conducting affairs in these countries. ARLC’s offices serve as portals that allow clients to take up non-litigation services such as mediation, training and seminars.

In addition to expanding into neighbouring countries, ARLC was invited to speak at the recent East African Islamic Economic Summit in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference focused on the role of Islamic finance in attracting investment. Valuable connections were made at the event, including training opportunities in the field of Islamic finance, with a host of experts looking at the Southeast Asian market.

Collaborations and partnerships

Abdul Rahman, ARLC’s Managing Director, also paid a visit to Russia recently, to form collaborations and partnerships with legal firms. The result was the planning and initiation of an international Bar Association between Russia and Asia, which is being formalised at the time of writing.

ARLC is grateful to be able to build connections with people from the international community through participation in global events. The firm hopes to open doors into cross-border work, and has established its base Singapore so it may channel investments to other countries via Singapore.
ARLC has moved to new premises in Singapore, setting up a bigger office and hiring more staff, thereby allowing them to expand operations in order attain access to a bigger market share.

ARLC maintains its primary focus in the fields of corporate and family litigation, estate planning and Islamic finance related work.
The firm will keep focus on providing the very best service to its clients, as it continues to expand its interests globally.

ARLC is based in Singapore

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