25 May 2024

Delivering public value through executive education

Executive Education
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Cardiff Business School is the world’s first business school to put public value at the heart of its activity and provision. We promote economic and social improvement through interdisciplinary scholarship that addresses the grand challenges of our time, while operating a progressive approach to our own governance.

We are committed to principles of innovation, entrepreneurship and opportunity, pursuing research and scholarship that benefits communities, both domestic and international.

This means that in addition to teaching of the highest standard, delivered by academics and practitioners working at the forefront of their disciplines, those who study with us benefit from a an innovative new form of business education.

Our 150 academic faculty work closely with colleagues across the University to innovate and solve business problems, large and small, as well as address some of society’s major social challenges. This results in a progressive and holistic viewpoint on current corporate and social challenges, and bold insights into potential solutions.

In particular, our Executive Education provision, and Executive MBA programme, can provide you with the motivation, knowledge and tools to challenge the business status quo and think differently. It allows you to consider and define your role in your organisation and identify new ways of working which provoke positive change, helping you to redefine business practice and impact while accelerating your career.

Our programmes are informed by our world-leading research, delivered by expert faculty in a collegiate and supportive environment. The physical learning environment places you at the heart of a dynamic and fast moving community of academics and students and is tailored to encourage collaboration and promote networking opportunities.

Cardiff Business School is doing this differently, and our flexible, socially-minded approach to business management could help you, or your teams, to adopt and develop new strategies, gain expertise and transform your ways of working. This could help transform your business outlook and wider society.

Our Executive Education courses can be tailored to your individual needs and requirements, while our Executive MBA offering is a flexible 28-month programme and delivered in three-day blocks to fit around busy professional and personal responsibilities.

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