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Warsaw University of Technology Business School

Executive Education
| The European | 1 June 2017

Why Warsaw University of Technology Business School?

WUTBS is one of the leaders of management education in Poland with a 25-year-long tradition of cooperation with the prestigious co-founding academic institutions: HEC School of Management Paris, London Business School and NHH – Norwegian School of Economics based in Bergen. Since 2006 the School has had an international EPAS accreditation for its MBA programme. In 2014 the Warsaw University of Technology Business School in collaboration with the CEU Business School in Budapest launched the Katylyst MBA which was a substantial upgrade of the to date programme.

For years, the programme offered by the School has reached the top of the Polish MBA rankings and has been appreciated in international rankings (e.g. seventeenth position in Europe in the TOP MBA ranking) as well. School’s faculty include lecturers from renowned international famous business schools, as well as global and local business professionals.

The Executive MBA at the WUT Business School is a two-year part-time postgraduate programme designed to address the needs of professional managers. It has an overarching ambition to accompany our students in becoming responsible business leaders. The new, innovative curriculum facilitates comprehension of the of the global trends, interconnections between multiple stakeholders, and the emerging roles and challenges of the leaders. We aspire to equip students with a complete toolbox for solving complex problems, advance their capabilities to get business endeavors done, and support personal development by means of a thorough dignosis, developmental feedback, professional skilss development, and carier planing.

What makes our programme unique?

  • The multicultural environment
  • The classes conducted fully in English
  • Worldwide recognition of the Founding Partners
  • International cooperation with BMI (Lithuania) and CIM in Patna (India)
  • Broad selection of elective classes available in Warsaw and in partner international schools
  • Optional study visits to New York City, China and India
  • High academic standards combined with a real-life approach
  • The use of the modern teaching methods
  • 2-year Personal Development Programme
  • MBA diploma with the prestigious EPAS accreditation

Is it a good time to pursue an MBA degree in Poland?
Obviously, it is. Poland is competitive in many areas, including the educational services. The good MBA programs match those ones in Western Europe as far as the quality is concerned, while remaining much less expensive for students. And finally, it is a good idea to come to the only country in Europe that has survived the global crisis without a recession – and try to analyze what makes the Polish economy so resilient to turbulences.

All the major multinational companies are present in Poland, some of them actively developing their activities and searching for employees. Our graduates do not have problems finding attractive jobs and entering exciting career paths. Poland is a growing, fast developing economy, with numerous opportunities existing for the entrepreneurship. Why not to set up a company and benefit from this opportunity?

Further information
Warsaw University of Technology Business School
tel: +48 22 234 70 89

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