17 April 2024

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Supporting the allocation of resources across time and space, the financial industry is the lifeblood of the global economy; its fast-paced, cosmopolitan and intellectually stimulating atmosphere attracts some of the best, and most ambitious, minds in science and business. Yet, the global financial crisis has underlined the acute need for professionals who can combine critical thinking, field expertise and research skills to harness the power of financial innovation. Since technical degrees, professional experience and an MBA may develop this set of competencies only partially, those who aspire to build a stronger and more resilient financial system should consider pursuing the foremost academic and professional qualification, the Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD).

Training a new breed of financial leaders

Since 2008, the PhD in Finance offered by EDHEC Business School has been training participants to serve as the architects of the financial industry. The programme is designed to prepare talented and hard-working individuals for challenges requiring an integrated view of the inner workings of financial markets and institutions, a thorough understanding of financial decision-making and its modelling, and the ability to identify, analyse, and research questions to propose and implement original solutions. A defining feature of the programme is to offer seasoned industry professionals the opportunity to become autonomous researchers by following a rigorous curriculum while remaining in their jobs. Its differentiating ambition is to train a new breed of practitioners who will advance the frontiers of knowledge and practices within the financial industry.

To date, EDHEC is proud of its 37 PhD graduates who have gone on to author over 20 publications in top academic journals and leading professional reviews.

EDHEC’s London Campus

An exceptional research and learning platform

Programme faculty consists of world-class specialists in finance, risk and investment management, and economic and financial modelling; it brings together EDHEC Business School’s senior scholars and affiliate professors from top research institutions around the world. Faculty members do not only hold prestigious qualifications, distinctions, and appointments but, more importantly, have also made significant contributions to the field of economics, furthering theory and impacting practices through research, consulting and executive education.

Dr Abraham Lioui

The programme also enjoys the research expertise and exceptional industry reputation of the EDHEC centres of excellence. These combine to create the best opportunities for participants to hone their research expertise and prepare to shape the future of the financial industry.

The PhD in Finance is offered in Europe, in London and Nice.

About the author
Dr Abraham Lioui is Professor of Finance, Director of the PhD in Finance programme and Head of Faculty at EDHEC Business School.

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