19 April 2024

London’s business travel gateway

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Located just 40 miles from central London, TAG Farnborough Airport is the only airport of its kind exclusively serving business aviation customers – in contrast to other commercial airports in the UK that host private jet facilities. At TAG Farnborough Airport, passengers can use a fast-track entrance and drive directly to waiting jets, ensuring a most discrete and convenient flight experience. On-site immigration and customs clearing, concierge service, conference rooms and a luxury hotel conveniently situated near the airport are just some of the amenities offered.

With a focus on delivering bespoke services for the business aviation market, TAG Farnborough Airport has recently invested an additional £1m to create more space for passengers and crew at its main terminal building.

In response to an emerging demand for higher-volume flights carrying groups of passengers such as corporate and sports teams – as well as creative professionals – a new lounge overlooking the runway has opened. The lounge can accommodate up to 80 passengers, while also offering privacy and comfort to individuals or small groups. The sophisticated interior is adorned by a fuselage clock, coffee table and exhaust lamp custom made from vintage aircraft parts.

Facilities for waiting crew have also been upgraded and extended: crew members can relax in quiet lounges or ‘snooze rooms’ equipped with flat beds and a zero-gravity ergonomic chair. There is also an exclusive gymnasium for those looking to work-out before or after their flight.

Respected for its top-level service and modern facilities, TAG Farnborough Airport has won multiple industry awards over the years and has been recognised for its environmental initiatives as well as the elegant and futuristic architecture – the main terminal, control tower and wavy hangars being TAG Farnborough Airport’s most distinctive visual signatures.

“As we look to the future, we will continue to invest and enhance our facilities, putting our customers at the centre of everything we do”, comments Brandon O’Reilly, CEO of TAG Farnborough Airport.

TAG Farnborough Airport’s philosophy is to offer a five-star service and sophistication with no compromises, nothing less than passengers and crew would expect from Europe’s leading business aviation airport. The luxurious amenities and tailored services provide optimal comfort and convenience when travelling through London.

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