17 April 2024

2016: a year of achievements for UFX

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French World Cup winner Emmanuel Petit has come on board to engage the French audience

Many brokers launched new platforms in 2016, making great strides in innovation and changing the way clients trade on the market. At the vanguard of this progress is UFX, who had a year defined by important updates and achievements.

Last year was a year full of market changes, influenced by global events including Brexit and the US Presidential election, big fluctuations in metals and more. UFX traders took advantage of these shifts and ensured its clients had the very best tools to capitalise. Among the key events and highlights for UFX were:

  • 1 January: UFX unveiled its MassInsights™ Technology. 36,200 profitable positions were made, worth over $2.1m.
  • 11 February: oil dropped to a 12-year low. 289 UFX traders profited over $915,000.
  • 24 June: the Brexit vote shocked global trading markets. The GBP fell to its lowest value in 30 years. 1,436 GBP/USD positions were opened and earned traders $1.2m.
  • 6 July: Gold increased to a record 30-year high. 413 UFX traders earned over $1.4m.
  • 8 November: Donald Trump won the US Presidential election and the markets reacted strongly. 1,556 UFX traders profited over $1.69m on gold and USD-based currency pairs.

New features and programmes

Many CFD trading brokers provide their clients with news and educational resources. In 2016, UFX took this to the next level with the launch of its ParagonEx 4.0 platform. Included in the new version were two game-changing features: MassInsights™ Technology and UFX Rewards.

The MassInsights™ Stream shows users an overview of market events, combined data about specific assets and trading signals. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the feature is that it is a tool built directly in to the platform. The integrated feature means traders don’t have to click on another window, visit a website or wait for email notifications. Instead, they can see market movements and read about important events as they happen.

What’s more, users trade directly from the notification window, so there’s no need to exit the platform or refresh the screen. For example, a client wants to open a position on GBP/USD and receives a notice that other traders are currently increasing the number of open positions on this currency pair. This could mean that the price has gone up, so the trader may decide to sell it instead. Whether it’s to buy or a sell, the position can be opened right through the MassInsights™ Stream tool.

The broker’s cashback programme, UFX Rewards, also attracted a lot of interest across the industry. Clients receive certain trading goals through the programme, which is also integrated with the platform. Once a trader meets each goal, they receive cashback deposited directly into their account balance. The larger volumes traded, the larger the reward.

UFX really stepped up its game with both the MassInsights™ Technology and UFX Rewards programme and sent competitors scrambling to launch similar products.

Deserved recognition

UFX was the recipient of several awards in 2016, recognising the company as a leader in online trading services. The European awarded UFX Managing Director Dennis de Jong as ‘2016 FX Director of the Year’ for his outstanding leadership and continuous commitment to financial innovation.

The company received The European’s ‘FX Broker of the Year’ award for 2016. UFX was recognised for the fourth year in a row and continues to provide traders with the best trading experience possible.

International brand

Even with great products, every company needs to get its message out there to the public. To that end, 2016 was UFX’s fourth consecutive year in partnership with Mike Tindall, MBE, as the company’s UK brand ambassador. The former English World Cup winning rugby player appeared in promotional ads, social media campaigns and videos, helping to promote the UFX brand internationally. As part of the campaign, Tindall attended the Celebrity Cup’s annual charity Gala Dinner, proudly sponsored by UFX, at the Celtic Manor in Newport, South Wales. The Celebrity Cup gathers stars from sports and show business for a charity golf tournament, followed by a celebratory dinner, charity raffle, and auction.

Furthermore, UFX partnered with another World Cup winner, French football legend, Emmanuel Petit, as the UFX French brand ambassador to aid its expansion into the French-speaking community. Petit continues to appear in social media posts and video advertising for the company.

Trading video success

This year saw a huge buzz of interest and attention with the release of UFX’s ‘14 Facts About Online Trading’ video, released on YouTube and other social media outlets.

Geared towards both novice and experienced traders, the video continues to attract a lot of interest from traders and became the go-to video explaining online trading.

“One of our main focuses since we started UFX, was to help our clients fully understand the market and its opportunities. I think the video’s viral success shows that at UFX, trading just makes sense,” stated Dennis de Jong, UFX Managing Director.

UFX achieved many highly significant accomplishments in 2016. This year should prove to be just as exciting and innovative.

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