17 April 2024

Ship Recycling Congress marks meaningful progress

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The 4th Ship Recycling Congress conference was held across the 25-26 January in London, when speakers and delegates identified methods to increase ship recycling profitability following developments in EU and Global Regulations.

The event provided practical solutions from shipping companies, aiming to educate the shipping sector on how to profit from the safe and efficient scrapping of vessels. The European Commission’s list of approved ship recycling facilities was discussed in detail, highlighting the effects that the list will have on the European ship recycling market.

Methods to increase ship recycling profitability were reviewed in light of low steel prices and current updates to green ship technology, which promote more efficient ship recycling procedures.

Additionally, speakers examined potential solutions to the dangers and health risks workers may be exposed to at scrapping yards outside of the EU, as well as providing an insight into new technological and practical systems for hazardous waste tracking.

They also covered the most important topics of the market and actively engaged with the senior level audience through panel discussions looking at:

  • Outlining the European Commission publication stating approved ship recycling facilities
  • Guidelines and benefits of using approved and compliant ship recycling facilities
  • Methods to increasing ship recycling profitability despite low steel prices
  • Analysing difficulties ship owners may have in weighing up the costs of scrapping ships whilst complying with regulations
  • A detailed look at the Hong Kong Convention and IMO Ship Recycling Regulations
  • Understanding the significance of a cash buyer in ship recycling
  • Analysing the practices of Southeast Asian Ship Recycling facilities and advancing the capabilities of under-performing recycling yards
  • Examining the benefits of selling vessels before they get to the end of their operational use

About the Ship Recycling Congress

The Ship Recycling Congress was brought together by ACI Europe. Through ACI’s market insight and thorough research of the ship recycling industry, the event brought together key companies and professionals and resulted in exceptional value for the participants.

The congress is an annual event with the next edition set to take place in January 2018 in Europe. To find out more please contact: mlampropoulou@acieu.net or visit: www.wplgroup.com/aci/event/ship-recycling-congress

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