24 April 2024

Priya Blue: India’s leading green ship recycler

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At Priya Blue Industries, we believe that ships should live forever. As India’s largest ship recycler with a ClassNK approved Hong Kong Convention (HKC) compliant green recycling yard, we understand the importance of ensuring this more than anyone. Our passion for ships mirrors our best-in-class recycling processes and work ethics. Priya Blue owns and operates one of the largest ship recycling yards in India. With one of the biggest VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) plots measuring 6,000 sqm in Sosiya, an extension of Alang, in the state of Gujarat, India. It has a 120 metre shoreline, a cutting area with impermeable flooring and drainage system.

Priya Blue has over 60,000 sqm of freehold land opposite the main plot, which is used as a ‘backyard’ to carry out the dismantling and segregation of products. It also houses permanent labour quarters for its workforce – one of its kind in the industry. The yard has plenty of extra space for other ancillary activates to further scale up the operations.

Priya Blue Industries is a pioneer of green ship recycling on the Indian subcontinent and one of the first recipients of the Statement of Compliance towards the Hong Kong Convention from ClassNK.

We have recycled around 66 ships including 8 ULCC’s (Ultra large), 7 VLCC’s, 1 FSO (floating storage and offloading) and 2 FPSOs (floating, production storage and offloading) with an aggregate capacity of 1.5 million tonnes valued at more than $420m.

A green recycling yard is incomplete without an effective drainage management system. Priya Blue is fully equipped with an effective and well-mapped drainage system. The excess oil and waste is carefully collected. Containing and effectively disposing hazardous waste without harming the environment is our top priority.

At Priya Blue, we ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees at all times, especially while dealing with hazardous substances. We manage harmful and hazardous waste with as much care as our workers. Our yard is equipped with well maintained safety equipment for the protection of our workers.

Our core team reviews and analyses every aspect of the ship recycling process to ensure all adequate precautions are taken to safeguard our workers and protect the environment.

Best Oasis

Priya Blue Industries Pvt. Ltd operates a wholly owned subsidiary Best Oasis Ltd (Hong Kong) as the cash-buying arm of the group. Best Oasis is one of the top three cash buyers in the world for ship recycling. As the ‘cash buyer’ suggests, the company purchases vessels on an ‘as is where is’ basis and delivers the same to the ship recyclers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Turkey.

Best Oasis is the only preferred cash buyer with the highest tonnage in the German KG market. We have purchased and sold over 500 ships for recycling around the world managing an aggregate tonnage of 4,794,166 light displacement (LDT).

Best Oasis has an in-house team of experiences professionals, consisting of managers and operators making them highly skilled in adhering to green recycling protocols.

Best Oasis successfully negotiated and acquired the legendry vessel Jahre Viking for recycling (83,000 LDT) – a crude oil supertanker and the largest vessel ever built.

Best Oasis and Priya Blue Industries hold the Guinness World Record for recycling Jahre Viking – the largest vessel to be recycled till date. Other notable vessels Best Oasis has purchased for recycling include Exxon Valdez and Ex SS Norway – the world longest passenger vessel.

Both ships were recycled as per the required international green recycling standards at our Priya Blue green ship recycling yard in India.

Our fully compliant green ship recycling yard has inspired us to do more. As a result, Priya Blue recently acquired Bhuval Industries. It gives us a great pleasure to announce that we have successfully acquired another recycling yard. With a shore length of 60 metres, Priya Blue is upgrading the Bhuval Industries recycling yard facilities and infrastructure. Priya Blue is making significant investment to procure new cranes, winches, wire ropes etc. It will also build a new office premises and hazardous waste area complete with impermeable concrete flooring – which will be different in layout and much more than the prevailing HKC compliant yards.

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