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Stylish travel at the click of a button

Business Travel
| The European | 8 March 2016

Black City Cars is an online platform and application that allows its customers to book a black car for airport transfers and corporate requirements, meaning you can now find a car at a great rate wherever you are in the world. With the push of a button, you can contact your driver, receive all the details and know how to find the driver upon arrival.

The service has been created for clients looking for an efficient, top quality way to travel throughout the world. For airport or city transfers, Black City Cars’ fleet of drivers will take you to your location on time: it’s the ultimate way to travel.

It even allows restaurant or hotels to deliver an improved service for their guests. A receptionist making a check-out can offer the guest an airport transfer upon arrival, in a different city. A restaurant can call the nearest car around to see that a guest gets a ride back home.

The software is easy to use and the fixed cost eliminates any price inconsistencies, that might occur due to traffic or weather conditions. This is particularly beneficial for companies looking for a limousine service for their executives while wanting to control expenses.

Both customers and drivers can enjoy this state-of-the-art technology that connects them and misses out the middle man. The price transparency is a game-changer in the industry as both parties know the exact rates and travel details. The service provides reassurance all round.

Black City Cars’ strategy from the outset was to make the entire car booking procedure user-friendly. The main objective? To offer a product that brings higher efficiency to the car booking process. The success in achieving this allows Black City Cars to offer highly competitive rates. Customers therefore use a chauffeur service far more often than they used to thanks to the application’s simplicity. With a low price for city transfers and constant availability, people can now afford to use take this luxurious option whenever they choose, without breaking the bank. While businesses can control transport costs far more effectively.

Well established in many key cities around the world, Black City Cars is raising the bar for chauffeur service quality. Connecting with a driver has never been easier and traveling in comfort has never been so affordable.

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