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Economy Tanks & Tourism plummets in Portugal

France to go ahead with digital tax regardless of possible international deal

Deutsche Bank targets €200 bln of sustainable investment by 2025

Wall Street disconnected from reality on the ground

Bitcoin goes through third ‘halving’

Transport Stocks: Tokyo shares lower as state of emergency extends

UPDATE: Suncor Energy escalates spending cuts & slashes dividend

As economies reopen from lockdown London stocks gain

COVID-19 impact will see UK investors move to safer retail deposits


SOURCE: Saudi Arabia buys stakes in 4 big European oil firms

UK insurers axe more than 1 bln stg in dividends

New Wind Farm financing to face delays in 2020

Coronavirus prompts growing number to re-evaluate their savings

The Euro Zone factory activity collapse in March

UPDATE: Brazil’s Bovespa

Stay-at-Home Data Breach Warning

LATEST: U.S. prepares crackdown on Huawei’s global chip supply

European Union leaders to shield strategic firms from hostile interest amid crisis

Stocks extend rally on U.S. stimulus, virus worries persist

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