12:25 AM, December 1, 2023

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Welcome to Lisbon’s world of ideas

Chinese thinktank proposes growth target of above 5% for 2022

Germany boosts its climate fund with €60bn injection

Practical advice for businesses on coping with another variant

The Bank of London launches today as the world’s first purpose-built global clearing, agency & transaction bank

Anxiety attack on the financial markets shows some signs of alleviating

Planes take the strain over fears about soaring infections in Europe affecting bookings

A foundation for success

Realising the true value of health economics

B2B shopping experience falls short of buyers expectations, opening opportunities for digital savvy B2B suppliers

Employers worry about remote work productivity, but majority fail to invest in solutions

UK side hustle economy worth £346 billion as furlough ends

FedEx launches small business grant competition in Europe – Entries now open

Inflation takes breath-taking leap, surging at fastest rate in over 20 years

$9.55tn private capital funds to finance transition to renewable energy

World’s biggest corporates hit hardest by illicit activity despite bolstering defences

Leading global technology group Glory to become conerstone investor in UK-based shared bank branch innovator OneBanks

Amazon Prime Day sales rose by 7.7% YoY, the smallest growth in five years

Weavr appoints seasoned fintech execs to deliver its vision of embedded banking

Barclays Private Bank appoints Juliet Agnew as Head of Philanthropy

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