21 May 2024

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UN SDG Goals

Employers face ‘creativity’ challenge, not worker apathy

Ending Climate Change Requires End of Capitalism

Bank of Queensland goes live on Temenos Banking cloud

Authlogics de-risk investment in new security technology with money back guarantee

Siemens and Awen Collective collaboration offers SMEs affordable cybersecurity solutions

Are Historical Fiction Novels Still Relevant?

Emerging markets: Online learning for women unlocks economic potential 

Fiber to repurpose paper mill for cotton recycling

Be part of the solution

Balancing the books on Britain’s tax injustice

 The Dream Murderer Cycle By Paul Taffinder

Regulator calls for big tech privacy cases to be handled by EU Watchdog

REHN: ECB won’t solve profound debt issues

Australia needs coal and gas to back up renewables

UK manufacturers decry government “gimmicks” and want tax cuts

Bulgaria expects good 2022 wheat crop

Global airlines to narrow losses in 2022 as outlook improves

Just one in five offices has a hybrid working policy in place – new research from Ricoh Europe

Half of counteroffers successful as hiring crisis continues

European markets fall as investors are rattled by worries about an escalation of Ukraine crisis

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