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Anticipated launch of hydrogen investment fund by energy industry veterans

Bond investors wait for more headlines on EU recovery fund

EU lawmakers agree to include shipping emissions in carbon market

Greece PM refuses COVID-19 aid due to strict EU conditions

With EU support’s clean technology projects are lining up

European stocks end session on a high note

COVID-19: How the global pandemic unfolded

European Central Bank’s pushes back on court challenge

European Unions’ post-pandemic “green” recovery

Oil draws back after reaching highest since March

COVID-19 knocks over a third of European FDI

Planemaker extends furloughs in the UK

European shares lower as second wave concerns increase

EU Countries are pushing for clean Hydrogen Support

Europe’s Big Market turns Red

Anxiety driving 7/10 furloughed employees to look at work emails

China’s recovery fails to lift factory demand

Wall Street climbs on healthcare and new technology push

Increased focus on EU recovery funds; Euro Zone bond yields edge down

The latest on the worldwide spread of the coronavirus

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