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Edinburgh: Transforming global healthcare

Interview with Datuk Dr Ong Hong Peng, Secretary General, Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia

Interview with Duncan Alexander, VP Global Alliances and Strategic Parnership, Illusions Online

Interview with Mr Nasser Al-Jaidah, CEO, Qatar Petroleum International

Edinburgh’s world leading ICT sector

Interview with Dr Karim bin Abdullah, CEO, Serba Dinamik

10 reasons to trade with

Interview with Salman Abdullah bin Saedan, CEO, Salman Abdullah bin Saedan Real Estate Group

Interview with Arthur Pinheiro Machado, founder and CEO, Americas Trading Group

Regus: Join the moment

Interview with Julie Meyer, Founder and CEO, Ariadne Capital

Interview with Dr Osama Qais Al-Deraie, MD-CEO, Bait Al-Mashura

Interview with Dennis de Jong, UFX Markets’ Managing Director

Interview with Shurooq’s CEO and Director of Business Development

Interview with Yousif Al-Essa, Alshamel Travel’s chairman

Sharjah USA Roadshow ‘Promising Opportunities, Global Horizons’

Interview with Artem Konstandyan, Promsvyazbank’s CEO

Interview with Jamal Alhmoud, Global United Insurance’s General Manager

Rzeszow – Here we take dreams seriously

Tennis legends support child health at the Statoil Masters Tennis

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