2:33 PM, March 1, 2024


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UN SDG Goals

Interview with Håkan Nilsson, CEO of Zinnovate

Interview with David Machado and Tiago Camara, Partners at DUALCITI

Interview with Russell Curtis, Head of Invest Durban & Katie Friedman, Group Director at Urban Lime

Interview with Annie Luong, CCO of Salma Markets

Interview with Michael Collis, CEO and Managing Director of BNF Bank

Interview with Olukayode Pitan, MD and CEO of Bank of Industry

Interview with Paulo Sousa, CEO of BCI (Banco Comercial e de Investimentos)

Interview with Steve Durbin, Managing Director of Information Security Forum

Interview with Daniel Carnio, Director of OenoFuture

Interview with Head of Marketing Ergin Erdemir and Commercial Director Marcos Tigsilema, ATFX UK

Interview with Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director, CINDE

Interview with COO James Loft and Co-founder Ben Taylor, Rainbird

Interview with Abu Saeed Ainul Bari, Managing Partner, A.S & Associates

Interview with Arjen van Berkum, COO, Another Monday

Interview with Ana Carreira, Executive Director of the Board of Directors, Banco Sol

Interview with Werner Peyer, CEO, Compagnie Monégasque de Banque

Interview with Gaurav Bhatnagar and Mark Minukas, Principals, Co-Creation Partners

Interview with Ade Adebiyi, Managing Director, Guaranty Trust Bank

Interview with Katherine Kolnhofer, Partner, Bell Temple LLP

Interview with Stewart Lockie, General Manager, Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (2)

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