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Breaking the payment status quo with Ripple

Interview with Andreas Lutz and Simon Kaufmann, CEO and Chief Revenue Officer of Fides

Interview with Cees Vermaas, CEO of The International Stock Exchange

Interview with Annie Luong, COO of Salma Markets

Interview with Luc d’Urso, CEO of Atempo

Interview with Stewart Lockie, General Manager of Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait

Interview with Andreas Burner, Chief Innovations Officer at SmartStream

Interview with Sebastian Suh, CMO and Aibek Amandanov, Global Business Development Manager at HUPAYX

Interview with Olivier Collombin, Founder and Chairman of Planet of finance

Interview with Shay Zakhaim, Group CEO of USG

Interview with Ade Adebiyi, MD and CEO of GT Bank (Sierra Leone)

Interview with Stewart Lockie, General Manager of Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait

Interview with Håkan Nilsson, CEO of Zinnovate

Interview with David Machado and Tiago Camara, Partners at DUALCITI

Interview with Russell Curtis, Head of Invest Durban & Katie Friedman, Group Director at Urban Lime

Interview with Annie Luong, CCO of Salma Markets

Interview with Michael Collis, CEO and Managing Director of BNF Bank

Interview with Olukayode Pitan, MD and CEO of Bank of Industry

Interview with Paulo Sousa, CEO of BCI (Banco Comercial e de Investimentos)

Interview with Steve Durbin, Managing Director of Information Security Forum

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