17 June 2024


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UN SDG Goals

Interview with Nicola Stopps of Simply Sustainable

Interview with Alex Ferguson of Lucion Group

Interview with Paul Conneally of LiveTiles

Interview with George Debono and Michael Collis of BNF Bank

Interview with Steve Tzikakis, CEO of Sitecore

Interview with Ricardo Evangelista of Activ Trades

Interview with Stephen Cavey of Ground Labs

How to design a successful Digital Transformation

Interview with Kadir Özbayram and Klaus Isenbecker of INS-PI

Interview with Mark Field and Sarah Blanchard of Prof. Consulting Group

Interview with Mark Sutherland, Chief Marketing Officer of Missouri Partnership

Interview with Seemant Sehgal, Founder and CEO of Breachlock

Trade and Invest Wales

Interview with Sarah Foster and Liz Wood of Comply Direct Ltd

Interview with Matthias Deeg, Partner and Expert on Green Transformation at Horváth

Interview with Josephine Bush, Strategic Advisor to Guernsey Finance

Interview with Carlos Monreal, Founder and Chief Executive of Plastic Energy

Interview with Tom van Aken, CEO of Avantium

Interview with Simon Pickering Head of Insurance and Pensions

Interview with Ben Murray, CEO of Avieco

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