12 June 2024

Navigating Trauma with the Human Design System & Trauma Alchemy: Angelina Fabian’s Unique Approach

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Trauma manifests itself in different ways. Whether it’s physical, emotional, sexual, or psychological, it affects people’s mental, emotional, and physical states

Recent research published in PLOS ONE shows the pervasive nature of trauma, revealing that a significant portion of the global population has encountered traumatic events at some point in their lives. The effects of trauma are individual and societal, emphasising the need for comprehensive understanding and effective support.

Enter Angelina Fabian, who has harnessed the Human Design System (HDS) and Trauma Alchemy in her unique approach to addressing trauma.

Decoding the Human Design System

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences. It delves into genetic makeup, revealing patterns and tendencies influencing how people think, feel, and act. It’s like having a manual for making choices that feel right and natural.

Trauma Alchemy

A gentle approach to metabolise trauma using Tapping/EFT and Human Design.

Angelina Fabian’s Distinctive Application of HDS

Angelina’s journey with the Human Design System is personal. She integrates it with her understanding of trauma, offering a tailored approach to healing.

Angelina often says, “Understanding our design is the first step to healing. When we align with our true selves, we not only heal but also empower ourselves to face future challenges.” HDS can have transformative power when applied together with Trauma Alchemy to trauma recovery.

A standout feature of Angelina’s method is the practical application of the Human Design System insights. She guides people in a practical way in integrating these insights into their daily lives. For instance, if the HDS reveals that an individual has a tendency towards suppressing their pain after trauma, Angelina gently offers support in metabolising this old pain safely.

Real-world Impact

The real testament to Angelina’s innovative use of the HDS comes from those who’ve experienced her guidance. Onur Tirit, a beneficiary of Angelina’s Human Design Analysis, expressed his appreciation by noting, “The Human Design Analysis was a priceless experience and an extension of horizons for me. I found it very professional how you connected the Human Design input with practical examples for everyday life!” He emphasised the value of Angelina’s approach, highlighting her passion, deep knowledge, and the practical applicability of her insights.

The Broader Picture: Trauma, Recovery, and HDS

Trauma’s multifaceted nature means that recovery isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. The Human Design System and Trauma Alchemy, under Angelina’s guidance, offers a personalised roadmap to healing. By understanding one’s genetic design, individuals can navigate their traumas more effectively, leading to sustainable and transformative recovery.

Angelina’s work is for those seeking a path out of the shadows of trauma. Her unique blend of the HDS with trauma recovery principles offers hope and a tangible way forward for many.

Invitation to a Personalised Healing Journey

For those eager to explore their own genetic design and its implications for trauma recovery, Angelina Fabian stands ready to guide. Dive deep into the Human Design System with her and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

Angelina Fabian

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