18 May 2024

The Venetian Unveils Record-Breaking $1.5B Refurb

| The European |

The stakes are high in Sin City today as the The Venetian embarks on what could be the largest and most expensive hotel renovation in history.
Las Vegas’ iconic resort plans to spend USD$1.5billion on a comprehensive refurbishment to mark its 25th anniversary.

The investment, billed as the most expensive of its kind in the world, will include a “top to bottom reimagining” of its accommodation, convention centre and dining areas.
All 4,000 suites will receive a makeover with new-look interiors inspired by traditional Venetian Carnival costume, while USD$188million has been earmarked for a rehaul of its convention centre.

The centre’s redesign, which begins this summer, will feature luxury meeting lounges, a revised colour scheme, and the addition of new technology.
Elsewhere, a variety of new dining and entertainment options, together with a restyled high-limit lounge and poker room are also on the cards.

Patrick Nichols, The Venetian’s president and CEO, said: “The Venetian Resort’s innovative spirit has had a massive impact on Las Vegas over the last 25 years and paved the way for our visionary $1.5 billion reinvestment today.
“This redevelopment marks more than just a surface-level renovation, it signifies a deep understanding of our guests and a profound reimagining of an iconic resort unlike any other in history. The beauty of this project lies within the balance of the beloved familiar and the never-before-seen.”

The Venetian, which turns 25 on May 3rd, has long been one of The Strips’s most iconic resorts thanks to its canals – complete with authentic gondolas – and high-profile guests.
It will mark today’s birthday – dubbed “The Venetian Day” – with a variety of events, including a farewell show by Kylie Minogue who closes out her residency at The Venetian’s Voltaire entertainment venue.

The new-look suites will be available from September.

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