7:16 AM, September 30, 2023

Q&A with Links and Gains – ‘Best Corporate Legal Team 2023 – Egypt’

| The European | 18 July 2023

Following Links and Gains being awarded ‘Best Corporate Legal Team 2023 – Egypt’, The European caught up with Mohamed Agamy, Managing Partner, to learn more about the law firm

  1. Please introduce us to Links and Gains. 

Links and Gains is a full-service, multilingual corporate and commercial law firm based in Egypt, yet perfectly placed to offer the highest quality bespoke advice in more than ten unique practice areas in sectors ranging from technology to logistics to a global clientele base. Our entire team is driven by creativity, independence, and reliability. We aim to provide our clients with the highest-quality legal representation available at a reasonable cost. Our internal culture is just as important, and it’s based on encouragement, respect, empathy, and support. 

  1. What are your core values? 

Our core values can be summarised in the acronym CFQ. The first C stands for client-focused, which is uppermost on our list. Protecting the rights of our clients to the best of our abilities is our top priority. F stands for fast-paced because our clients are usually driven by deadlines and a sense of urgency, so we fully appreciate their needs and pride ourselves on exceeding their expectations in this area. Q stands for quality in everything that we do. 

  1. What are your areas of practice? 

Our areas of practice are: 

  • Government Issues and Compliance 

We leverage our experience to help our clients identify potential competition, navigate their relationships with government entities, and remain up-to-date with regulatory laws. 

  • Intellectual Property Rights 

We have extensive experience handling a myriad of IPR issues, ranging from company logos to patent laws. 

  • Corporate Laws 

We counsel corporations on a diverse range of issues, including but not limited to joint ventures, shareholder disputes, and liquidations. 

  • Contracts Law and Consultancy 

We assist our clients through various issues like negotiation, project agreements and terms, and subcontracting. 

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution 

We pride ourselves on resolving disputes as quickly and effectively as possible with as little disturbance as feasible to the client’s business or life. 

  • Labor Laws and Employment 

We offer our clients and partners various methods of support in employment law practices, including but not limited to social insurance matters, compensation, and termination.  

  1. In which sectors do you operate? 

The sectors we operate in are: 

  • Banking, Finance, and Securities 
  • Energy: Oil and Gas, Power, and Renewables 
  • Technology, digital, and FinTech 
  • Logistics: Aviation, Maritime, and Freight Forwarding 

  1. What unique services do you offer? 

We have been in business for more than five years, and we are adept at offering tailored solutions to different sectors. Our track record in contract law and commercial aspects includes representing clients like Air Liquide, Danone, Nestle, and many more. 


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