18 June 2024

Resource Group enters the metaverse to provide immersive experiences for visitors

| The European |

Resource Group, a technology investment group of companies with diversified businesses covering the Middle East and Africa, has established a presence in the metaverse providing stakeholders with an immersive and interactive virtual experience. Individuals can now visit Resource Group headquarters in the metaverse and enjoy three different experiences created by Game Cooks, a leading gaming studio part of Resource Group’s portfolio of businesses. The studio is specialised in mobile and Virtual Reality (VR) content, and the creation of virtual and game experiences in the metaverse.

Resource Group’s metaverse experience is now live in the Sandbox metaverse which allows visitors to experience a digital world where they can interact through innovative virtual experiences specifically created to reflect an inclusive and engaging space for all users around the world.

“The metaverse offers a new perspective for businesses and consumers. It enables visitors to engage with a virtual community from anywhere in the world, thus allowing them to open up to a new set of opportunities and experiences specially designed for the virtual and digital reality space”, said Hisham Itani, chairman and CEO at Resource Group. He continued, “Digital innovation is crucial to create a change, and it is part of our strategy. With the support of creatives and experts at our technology incubation hub, we are looking forward to further explore opportunities in the cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 space, reach and engage diverse audiences through immersive experiences, and contribute to the new digital economy.” 

Visitors can now explore Resource Group’s new virtual experiences in the metaverse and enjoy peer-to-peer interactions, virtual technology and innovative digital content.

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