19 April 2024

AsiaPay: Best Digital Payment Service Platform Asia 2022

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Adopting the latest technologies in Market-Led Innovation to Become Singapore’s Leading Digital Payment Service Provider

AsiaPay, founded in 2000, operates 14 offices in the Asia Pacific including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam. They provide integrated multi-channel digital payment processing solutions and services to banks and e-businesses covering credit and debit cards, bank account/net banking, digital wallets, buy now pay later, over the counters, prepaid cards and crypto.

Ernest Lo, COO of AsiaPay, our mission is to help our business partners grow their business through online by providing innovative, secure, and cost-effective solutions that will make them competitive in the eCommerce landscape.to learn more about the company’s innovative products and services and its approach to technology among other topics. Innovations play a crucial role at every step of AsiaPay’s journey. To support the continuous growth in business, AsiaPay has put a lot of emphasis on two areas –Technology Adaptation and Product Innovation.

The Web 3.0 Strategy

As a leading digital payment solution and technology provider in the Asia Pacific, AsiaPay works closely with our partners in the metaverse and NFT-related businesses. With the capabilities on the web3 payment, we aim to strengthen the sales scene, use virtual social space as attraction, product display, and sales as a reality, and enhance the interest and purchase intention of potential buyers, coupled with cryptocurrency-led payment.

AsiaPay is helping its various merchants to embrace the new experience of selling, socializing, and making money while playing in the post-Instagram era. Another announcement from the AsiaPay camp in June this year brought word of a new partnership in the field of token-based economics. Moonland Metaverse, a world for NFT collectors and meta businesses, enables merchants to enhance their user experience by plugging their business into the metaverse and tapping into digital-first users to increase their brand image and sales channels.

Adopting New Payment Trends

The payments space was incredibly robust across the Asia Pacific region in the first half of 2021, and the BNPL space was found to be one of the fastest-growing subsectors. “The pandemic has not only adversely affected businesses but also consumers’ disposable income. As a result, with the rising demand for consumer financing and the growth in eCommerce sales, BNPL services have emerged as a major new payment method and short-term credit facility for consumers,” Ernest explained. “At AsiaPay, we are partnering with most of the popular BNPL service providers to increase the potential of BNPL service adoption and gain access to a wide range of merchants currently using our digital payment solutions.”

One Single Integration for All

“To win today’s eCommerce battlefield, you must analyze every part of your customer journey to ensure the user experience you offer your customers is flawless, especially the check-out. “Ernest explained. “To make adding payments to your e-store and website as easy and frictionless as possible, you should invest in the right digital payment tools. By using AsiaPay’s payment gateway, PayDollar, which allows you to add payment options and widgets without any hassle, you can give your customers exactly what they want in minimal time (and with maximum success)—allowing you to focus on other important areas of your business as your sales grow.” In Singapore now, we support over 7 different BNPL & eWallets payment methods, Crypto Payment acceptance, and China Payments in one single integration with the PayDollar platform.

Security Is Always Our Priority

In this highly competitive and fast-changing business environment, the ability to make more effective use of data will set its business apart from other players in the same industry. Ernest explained. “Being a digital payment service company in the Asia Pacific, we process tons of payment transactions for merchants and banks every minute via online and mobile from credit cards to net banking, from wallets to QR. etc. On the security front, we ensure the data handling process complied with the highest industrial standard such as PCI level 1 since 2006. And also, we make use of anti-fraud processing to protect our clients from unnecessary fraudulent losses.

A Glimpse of Future

AsiaPay continuously grows by seeking for further products, market expansions, and stronger partnerships with its integrated payment features and solutions. In the meantime, we will continue to bring advanced, comprehensive, integrated, and secure services to the Asia Pacific.

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