25 May 2024

Trovata announces a global distribution agreement with Banco Santander

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Banco Santander to rollout Trovata to automate cash forecasting and liquidity management for corporate clients

Trovata, the leading fintech in automating cash workflows through multi-bank API data aggregation for corporate finance and treasury teams, announced today a global distribution agreement with Santander. Through the partnership, Santander will market & refer Trovata’s cash management platform to its corporate & investment banking clients to modenize treasury workflows through data-driven automation.

With Trovata’s next-gen platform, Santander offers its clients a way to digitally transform its cash operating workflows – automated cash reporting, deeper insights into analysing historical cash flows and a contemporary labelling mechanism that uses artificial intelligence to model out future cash flows in seconds. The companies plan to collaborate in way to continuously improve cash visibility and cash flow insights to help its large corporate clients make better and faster business decisions.

Eva Bueno, managing director & global head of cash management for Banco Santander, said: “Santander’s commitment to innovation meets our clients’ need to evolve tools and adapt their processes to a changing environment. We are really thrilled to bring to our clients the most advanced technology on the market for cash forecasting and liquidity management. Our purpose at Santander is to help our customers grow with the best solutions available. Trovata aggregates and transforms corporate banking data at scale and that automates much of the cash forecasting process, which will allow our clients to gain efficiency.”

Since February 2018 and coined as “open banking,” the world’s largest financial institutions have been releasing APIs for direct access. In this way, as opposed to static files, balances and transactions are transmitted much more dynamically, in real time and richer in metadata. Trovata has been there every step of the journey to help the bank’s clients connect. As a result, it has become the world’s largest API-based aggregation hub for corporate bank data with its next-gen Treasury Cloud™ platform.

“We’re excited to partner with Santander to expand outside the U.S. and deploy Trovata for the bank’s clients in key markets within Europe and Latin America,” said Brett Turner, Founder & CEO for Trovata. “Cash forecasting with greater visibility, agility, speed and precision is not only critical but universal. With data-driven automation, we not only want to make this possible, but available and accessible for every business throughout the world.”

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