24 April 2024

Modern jobs that attract young people

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The youth of today are looking for different opportunities, some that didn’t widely exist until recently, particularly in creative industries

The economy and the job market in Europe has changed vastly over the last 20 years – the last decade even. This means that the youth of today are looking for different opportunities, some that didn’t widely exist until recently, particularly in creative industries. Across the continent, fields such as design, economics and psychology are increasing in demand and popularity, and young people are recognising that their skills can be turned into careers.

Bitcoin investment

Some see investing in stocks as a viable source of income, and famous Wall Street traders such as George Soros and Jim Rogers have turned that income into careers that have inspired many others to get into the game. However, the introduction of cryptocurrency has meant that a whole new generation is working with a whole new type of economy. Young, particularly tech-savvy traders and investors are creating new ways to earn money using their expertise, which makes sense when we consider that Bitcoin’s market capitalisation is currently $969.6 billion.

Game design

This is a field that, again, is fairly new in terms of its existence and popularity. Video games, handheld consoles, and online gaming all require designers to produce the content and the look of their products. NetEnt, a Sweden-based casino game developer, offer a huge variety of content, from their own games like Starburst and Dead or Alive 2, to their page on free spins casinos, which show players deals and bonus offers. This variety means a lot of graphic content, logos, banners, characters, and much more, which all require different art styles and therefore, lots of designers. The gaming industry is ever-growing and young creatives are moving towards it in search of job opportunities.

Generational consultants

Workplace cohesion is definitely not a new concept, and cultivating a healthy internal atmosphere is crucial for a business to flow smoothly. However, as technology and culture have developed so rapidly over the past twenty years, it can sometimes be tricky to know how to interact and work with generations that are completely different from your own. These experts assist companies by recruiting and developing young professionals and building them into the executives of tomorrow, ensuring a connection between the generations through workplace practices that speak directly to their younger staff. Motivation and engagement are incredibly important when trying to increase productivity, so these experts often incredibly sought-after.

Social Media

Again, we have technology to thank for this. Online communities have become integral to the way that companies market their products, using Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to advertise and build brand loyalty. Large companies now employ media managers to take control of their accounts in a way that maximises consumer engagement. Thanks to the wide reach of social media, this is can be quite a high-stakes role, as an individual takes on the responsibility of an entire company whilst preparing content that can be posted with one tap. It requires social awareness and tech-savvy, which means that young people are often very attracted to the role, as social media has been a part of their lives for a very long time.

Of course, traditional roles such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, will always be popular thanks to their job security and career progression, but thanks to the creation of brand-new job titles, young people are investing their time in new skills and looking for new roles.

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