16 June 2024

The flag of choice for global shipping

| The European |

An interview with Cameron Mitchell, Director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is the first choice flag for many large shipping corporations, which depend on its total reliability and high quality service. The registry is a category one member of the Red Ensign Group and is an International Registry. 

The European spoke to Cameron Mitchell, Director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry, about why the ship registry stands out from the competition, the impact of Covid-19, and future technologies.

What sets the Isle of Man Ship Registry apart from its competitors? 

Cameron Mitchell: Backed by sophisticated electronic systems, we can register ships quickly and efficiently and have online systems to smooth the processes for clients. The registry operates efficiently and consistently to exceed the standards expected of a modern flag state.

Isle of Man Ship Registry provides advice and regulatory oversight for the ships and yachts on the register, in a pragmatic and commercially sensitive manner. This working partnership and service-culture is what sets us apart from our competitors. 

The registry combines all fees into one annual payment. There is no annual tonnage tax based on size of ship, no inspection fee, no consular fee, no casualty investigation fees and it offers a discount incentive for environmentally friendly ships. This combination of quality service and a competitive fee structure ensures clients receive great value for money.

How has Covid-19 impacted the sector? 

The impact of Covid-19 on the wellbeing of seafarers has been devastating to witness. Internationally, governments must recognise seafarers as “key workers”, and in doing so, seafarers that are showing no signs of Covid-19 should be allowed to safely (in a controlled environment) transit borders by any mode of transport necessary to secure their repatriation and/or implement crew changes.

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is about to launch a seafarer welfare app to support seafarer wellbeing on Isle of Man Ships. 

What are the main technological developments
to look out for? 

Covid-19 has been a catalyst for technological advances. The registry has witnessed and accredited remote periodical statutory surveys and audits of Isle of Man ships and is currently trialling remote technology which will enable remote flag state inspection. Remote technology will become an essential additional tool in modern shipping. 

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is the first flag state to join the Getting to Zero Coalition. It has also provided the first flag state acceptance of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as fuel on a Very Large Gas Carrier operated by BW LPG. Using LPG as fuel for ships results in substantially lower emissions, virtually eliminating sulphur emissions and dramatically reducing particulate matter and black carbon emissions. Alternative fuel technology will drive major changes in shipping to meet the International Maritime Organizations 2050 decarbonisation goals.

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