8:27 AM, November 30, 2023

A new base for manufacturing

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Uncertainty caused by Brexit means many UK-based manufacturing companies might be considering relocation – Denmark is a great place to start looking

At the end of the year, British companies say goodbye to the European Single Market. And even if the British government reaches an agreement on a trade deal with the European Union, trade will become more expensive and complicated between the EU and the UK.

British companies will soon have to grow accustomed to export declarations for every single exported good, as well as approvals and border control. Therefore, many companies are on the lookout for a new home in the EU. 

And many companies, particularly in manufacturing, have turned their eyes to Denmark, where productivity and efficiency is among the best in Europe, according to the 2019  ‘IMD World Talent Report’. Denmark also has the highest-ranked engineering university in Europe, Aalborg University, located in the city of Aalborg. Furthermore, the city has also been named the happiest in Europe on several occasions. 

Land to suit all needs 

Situated in northern Denmark, Port of Aalborg is ready to welcome British companies. Besides a strong logistical setup, Port of Aalborg operates a rapidly growing modern industrial business park. “Whether you wish to buy land, move into existing facilities or require specialised solutions, Port of Aalborg is ready to invest in creating new facilities tailored to your specific needs”, says Kjartan Ross, CCO at Port of Aalborg.

Furthermore, the team can assist with the outsourcing of storage capacity, cargo handling, packaging, maintenance, and much more, as well as assisting with direct contacts relevant to your specific business at Aalborg University, located only a few miles from the business park.

Aalborg is the ideal place for export businesses. The area has global connections by sea, road and rail, with strong access to Scandinavia and the North Atlantic. “Gate to Great” is Port of Aalborg’s promise of what the region can do for your business – so get in touch today and unlock the potential of Denmark’s premier logistics hub. ν  

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