17 June 2024

Safety with service

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Simon Williams, Director of Civil Aviation at the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry, outlines the ethos and innovation that makes the registry a world leader. 

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (IOMAR) commenced operations on 1 May 2007 and was established to be a ‘cost-neutral spring board’ to facilitate the growth of the international business aviation industry. IOMAR has proven to be an unprecedented success and has now grown to become the world’s sixth largest private/corporate business aviation register, whilst maintaining the highest relevant aviation regulatory safety standards.

Now in its second decade of operation, the focus remains firmly on the founding ethos of Safety with Service – facilitating high levels of safety whilst delivering excellence in customer service.

Milestones and objectives

In the five years since I was appointed Director of Civil Aviation, we have delivered key strategic goals, all of which have been predicated on the fundamental principles of maintaining appropriately high safety standards whilst seeking to support industry to best effect. We are constantly striving to improve our operation and I would like to highlight some key milestones our recent journey.

We continue to update legislation to bring IOMAR safety standards to the highest appropriate levels for the sector. This is part of the continuous process of enhancing operations whilst working in ‘safety partnership’ with industry. We continue to incorporate best practice from around the world and maintain an active dialogue with industry experts in this regard.

IOMAR is now completely digital. All original certificates and associated documentation is authenticated and promulgated digitally, reducing costs and saving clients significant amounts of valuable time, so they can get on with business unhindered by unnecessary bureaucratic delays.

IOMAR has introduced a digital information system, which has vastly improved efficiency and eliminated the in-house error rate to virtually zero. This has resulted in a step change reduction to the work load demands placed on the team, allowing for much more flexible and responsive operations, saving business aviation clients further significant time.

Business aviation operations are 24/7-365 so IOMAR has successfully launched wide-ranging online services. These now form a key part of the service, allowing clients to access important information online even when the office is closed. We do encourage clients to call the office to discuss matters directly when it suits them better.

The end goal is to maintain safe and efficient business aviation operations – ultimately I just
want business aviation to be able to get on with business aviation.

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