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How to lead transformational change

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In her new book, Marga Hoek sets out to inspire all businesses to venture beyond their comfort zone and explore new ways of creating profitable business – while positively impacting the planet.

In 2015 The United Nations laid out 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to provide a blueprint for a better future. From eradicating poverty, to education for all, gender equality, decent economic growth, climate action, peace and wellbeing, the SDGs identify what society should be striving for in order to alleviate the urgent threats facing humanity and increasing global equality.

In her new book The Trillion Dollar Shift, Marga Hoek offers a fascinating insight into the progress made so far, including the new meaning of ‘growth’ and the shared value model – how ‘business for good is good business’.

Combining profound research with concrete case studies, the book demonstrates how sustainable companies can build stronger competitive market positions, be more attractive to employees and customers, build better brands and have better commercial results. The book challenges business leaders to be bold and lead by example – exploring how they can pave the way to shifting focus from within the company walls to a whole world perspective.

Unlocking new markets worth trillions 

Trillions of dollars in public and private funds are to be redirected towards the SDGs, creating huge opportunities for responsible companies to deliver solutions. The Trillion Dollar Shift explores the myriad of opportunities that will emerge within each business sector and how unlocking them is a necessity – as well as how advanced tech will be the biggest accelerator of all time.

The book features 50 exclusive case studies of the world’s biggest brands. Each offers a unique insight – exploring the challenges they face, how they are successfully working towards sustainable development goals and their strategies for the future. It also reveals the game-changing ways new tech can propel us closer to reaching our SDGs, as well as providing in-depth analysis, sector by sector, of how each industry – from food and agriculture to education and learning, cities and transportation to health and wellbeing and energies and resources – can sustainably prosper. The book also explores how capital expenditure in one sector can enhance another, resulting in multi-sector benefits.

Beautifully laid-out and vibrantly presented, The Trillion Dollar Shift is the ultimate guide for business leaders who want to lead transformational change in their sector and foster a business that prospers by doing good.

Marga Hoek is a global thought-leader on sustainable business, international speaker and the author of The Trillion Dollar Shift, a new book revealing the business opportunities provided by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The Trillion Dollar Shift is published by Routledge, priced at £25.99 in hardback and free in e-book. For more information go to www.margahoek.com or www.businessforgood.world

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