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Pula: every base covered

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Pula Aviation Services Limited is a Guernsey-based company, which is focused on delivering services in support of aircraft ownership, management and operation. Its services are aimed at the business, general and executive aviation sector, with customers benefitting from a wide range of capabilities provided by Pula’s businesses, ASG Limited and Centreline AV Limited.

Pula began to develop its aviation business in the UK in 2016 with the acquisition of Centreline AV Limited, a company with whom it had enjoyed a close working relationship for a number of years. Centreline began operating at Bristol Airport in 1989 and has grown into a company providing services within business and executive aviation, including turnkey aircraft management, business jet charter, fixed-base operator services (FBO) and aircraft maintenance. Centreline manages a fleet of 10 business aircraft for their owners, and in 2018 became Europe’s leading operator of the Embraer Legacy 500, with three aircraft operated.

Pula took a foothold in business aviation in Guernsey in 2017 when the company acquired a 25% shareholding in Aiglle Flight Support Limited, a business aviation handling facility at Guernsey International Airport with a 1,800 sq m, climate-controlled hangar providing business aircraft handling services to passengers and crew.

Further growth in Guernsey occurred in late 2018 when Pula announced that it had expanded its portfolio of business aviation interests with the acquisition ASG Limited, also located at Guernsey International Airport.

ASG was founded in 1990 and has developed into a general and business aviation services company with maintenance, handling, and aircraft sales and acquisition capabilities. In January 2019, ASG completed a major project that spanned the complete spectrum of its capabilities and expertise. This encompassed a multi-activity contract with Serco Limited that provided aircraft maintenance and aircraft sales expertise for the disposal of seven King Air B200 (which were decommissioned in 2018 having been part of the UK Ministry of Defence’s training programme).

Pula Aviation Services Limited offers more than 100 years of combined business aviation experience through its leadership and highly respected business, general and executive aviation companies. Its market expertise and operational fit provides full customer satisfaction in the air, as well as on the ground, with a full-service business and private aviation aircraft ownership, management and operation offering.

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