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Leading by example

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  In Chile, it’s every company’s goal to be a leader in their field, but not all succeed. With a robust economy and a projected growth of 3.8% to 4% in 2018, the country provides an environment that’s undeniably attractive for business.

According to the latest figures from the IMF, Chile could even lead regional development in 2018, while 2019 shows expected growth around 3%.

The asset management industry in Chile is considered highly sophisticated within a Latin American context, and its challenges are similar to those of a highly competitive international landscape.

Inversiones Security is a company with a strong track record of providing cutting-edge financial products both on a national and international scale. It’s the reason why it has been awarded “Capital Markets Company of the Year” and “Investment Management Company of the Year”, by The European, in recognition of its specialist service and distinguished position within Latin America.

“Being in a position of leadership is a reflection of Inversiones Security’s desire to design products of the highest quality and to make them available across an internationally integrated platform,” says Felipe Marín, Investment Director at Inversiones Security. The awards highlight the company’s strengths in managing Latin American assets, some of which are offered across an international platform (listed in Luxembourg). Inversiones Security offers access to the Latin American market to clients globally, in line with a key strategic objective: “to keep expanding these listings in order to reinforce their worldwide reach.”

Inversiones Security has consolidated its position as one of the leading asset managers in Latin America, with 32 mutual funds and 15 investment funds, managing assets for around $5bn for over 46,000 clients. It is precisely this leadership that was recognised by The European in its “Banking & Finance Awards 2018.”

“To us, providing specialist guidance to our clients is a permanent challenge, and a service experience that differs according to each of their characteristics. What distinguishes us is the level of service we provide in managing their assets,” says Mr Marín.

Meticulous approach 

Since it was first established 30 years ago, Inversiones Security has strategically expanded its presence across the global markets. For this, consistency has been a determining factor.

“We work with investment policies that are clear, stable and founded on processes. This is in addition to defined benchmarks of global products, and decisions ratified by an investment committee that maintains the highest level of professionalism,” adds Mr Marín.

The meticulousness of the market analysis conducted by the company’s research department delivers a service based on trust, transparency and accuracy. This rigorous approach ensures a competitive structure that also guarantees the liquidity of funds, aligned with long-term market trends. Above all, Inversiones Security maintains its focus on its clients’ needs, in full compliance with the regulatory demands of each market. The company applies international benchmarks that allow the application of innovative solutions to the requirements of the market.

“The main goal, and origin, of all of Inversiones Security’s initiatives is delivery to our clients. We specialise in knowing them and involving ourselves in the improvement of the services and solutions developed for them,” concludes Mr Marín.

Structure and specialisation

Inversiones Security is the asset management division of Grupo Security, a Chilean financial services company active in banking, insurance and asset management. Inversiones Security specialises in asset management and is made up of Administradora General de Fondos Security, Valores Security S.A. Corredores de Bolsa and Securitizadora Security. The products offered by the different companies which comprise Inversiones Security include mutual funds, investment funds and voluntary pension savings, foreign currency and derivatives, equity and debt brokerage and trading, international investment platforms, wealth management services and separate account management.

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