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Convedo Launches New Appraisal Tool App

| The European | 27 March 2019

HR App tools are the wide range of technological solutions that help organisations manage their day-to-day HR activities effectively. HR tasks are compliance-driven and performing them manually is cumbersome, time-consuming, and arduous. HR App tools leverage the power of automation allowing HR staff to save time, cut costs, and manage their employees easily which is why the addition of the Convedo Appraisal Tool App is a must have for organisations running on an Appian environment.

Convedo’s Appraisal Tool helps employees and supervisors ensure appraisals are correctly and efficiently conducted. The application designed for Appian customers makes it easy to create an appraisal and send it to specific employees or departments. Appian provides a leading low-code software development platform that enables organizations to rapidly develop powerful and unique applications. Convedo is fast becoming one of the key partners of Appian and have recently started to develop a road map for apps that can be integrated into their customers Appian environment.

Convedo CEO, Sascha Cutura said, ‘We are pleased to release our second app to support HR Management for Appian customers once more, this time, in the form of a simple and effective Appraisal Tool app. The app can be quickly and effectively rolled out across a company network and serves both the employee and employer, providing significant time saving for both parties’’.

With the Convedo Appraisal Tool app, employees are given a task to complete an appraisal, and the manager can then provide feedback. HR managers and supervisors will have access to the metrics within the appraisal tool. The review follows a layered format of sections, and questions within those sections. HR Managers can define the sections and the questions within each section.
Employees can also use the tool to track their job objectives and personal development plan within the tool to help them improve for future appraisal meetings.

The app can be downloaded from the Appian App Market at https://community.appian.com/b/appmarket/posts/appraisal-tool

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