19 April 2024

Munich Security Conference benefits from Veridos’ innovative authentication technology

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  • VeriGO® eAccess consists of flexible portals and mobile devices with corresponding backend infrastructure
  • The solution was successfully deployed at the MSC 2019
  • Participants can be authenticated on-the-move

Veridos, a world-leading identity solution provider, has successfully deployed its VeriGO® eAccess solution at the Munich Security Conference (MSC). The MSC is a high-level conference that brings together key decision makers of the international security community every year in Munich. For this year’s event, Veridos created innovative walk-through portals and software that verify the visitors’ identity by reading badges on-the-move.

The MSC is constantly adapting to the latest developments in security threats while at the same time focusing on maximum convenience for its participants. To reach these goals, Veridos deployed its VeriGO® eAccess solution at the event. The new technology improves verification, speed, and convenience: badge holders only need to step through the portal and their information is immediately verified through Veridos’ advanced biometric face recognition technology.

The access cards, which are made of advanced material combined with security features, are produced by Giesecke+Devrient, Veridos’ parent company, and equipped with high-security chips. Verification of the badges can also be carried out by specialised handheld RFID readers and smartphones, which then show the security personnel the provided picture of the participant for manual verification.

Dr. Benedikt Franke, COO of the MSC, stated: “We are delighted to have Veridos as a partner to provide us with this secure and convenient authentication solution for thousands of MSC 2019 participants. The verification times were significantly reduced and the traffic flow improved. We are looking forward to keeping using this technology in the future.”

Frank Schmalz, Director of Innovations at Veridos, commented: “Our VeriGO® eAccess solution is based on secure ultra-high frequency RFID. It allows only authorised devices to read high-security contactless chips from a short distance. The result is a state-of-the-art authentication technology that has now been  successfully introduced at the MSC and that can be implemented in any situation that requires reliable access control”.

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